Another blog is born

Date  Sun 21 October 2012
Category misc.     Tags  blog  

When I am starting a new blog in late 2012, I feel like I am a little too late. But there is several reasons I haven't started blogging before now.

  • I don't think anyone really cares about my day to day stuff, so why write about it..?
  • I think it is more exiting to work on my own projects than writing about them.
  • I don't want to use a lot of time writing something when I lock my writing down deep inside a database.
  • I've always felt like it is too late to start writing a blog. No kidding, I have had that feeling since 2003.

So, the reason I will try to write a couple of blog articles from time to time now is:

  • My blog project on my todo list have been inactive for too long now. I want those todo's out of my head :)
  • I want a personal place I can lookup my own projects. I really want a good place to document problems. Because of that, this blog will be more of an polished notebook for me.
  • I think it is time to learn myself more markdown Hell, everyone should learn some markdown! And/or multimarkdown.
  • Two things usually makes me happy when I try to figure out a problem using Google. And that is finding a stackoverflow post, or a blog post. As I already am contributing to stackoverflow, I figured out a blog will also be nice to have.

Most of the stuff I am going to write about will be in the very geeky genre. All the geeky goodness will be in the geeky category. There will also be a priv and misc category. But not many more.

All tags and categories will have its own ATOM feeds as well.